incorporate a tree into your project

Accents Beyond the Ordinary....A tree Taiko Logs Timber Accents incorporated into the home

Do you love the idea of designing your timber frame project and would like to incorporate a tree whether it is the main support for stairs (and to support a bridge, see below) or natural posts that wind their way across the wall and or up to the cathedral ceiling!

If you can dream it, we can bring your vision beyond the ordinary!

Have an idea for a 'Hobbit' hole/place: add a playroom for children or grandchildren off the side of the tree staircase.

In some cases, we will have to find that perfect tree for your project. But it will be worth it in the end!

Inspired by your love of wood, Crafted by ours.


We have some ideas for you!



The elm and tree stairs heritage timber frame

Tree base for the stairs in the timber frame


Reclaimed Timber Frame Cottage - A large tree was selected to form the center of a staircase and to support the bridge.









Tree staircase


Stained Glass Studio - the center tree also serves as a wrap around stairway.










Tree, natuarl form postsTree incorporated into home, natual form posts


York Redoubt Timber Frame - natural formed posts provide support for the ceiling logs as they wind their way to the walls.





Incorporate a tree that will add Unique characteristicsto your timber frame, free form


Free Form Maple Timber Frame - Incredible free form Maple Tree joined throughout the cathedral windows.










Tree stairs

tree incorported into stairs


Timber Frame Home - A whimsical staircase - A tree with soaring branches was found & incorporated for the staircase structure, winding up from the basement to the forth floor loft.






Taiko Pine Beam Timber Frame

Taiko beam in construction

Natural form pine timber beam supported on two gently curved posts; called a Taiko Beam.











Spiral oak stairs that incorporated a tree as base

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