Lily & Associates LTD. Lily & Associates Building before fire that destroyed April 1 2012

A fire on April 1 2012, destroyed Timber Frame (Built by TimberhArt) Gallery & Feed Store.

Lily & Associates (shown before the fire), in Greenwich, Nova Scotia, operate an art gallery and feed store (specializing in livestock feed and fresh fruit right from the farm - peaches, raspberries and cherries). Contents lost included Ukrainian Easter Eggs and wreaths by Helga and paintings by a local artist, Charlotte Onyschuk (visit her Facebook page). The debris from the burnt building was removed and the decision was made to rebuild on the same site. In consultation with Helga & Stirling, the following were considered: space, aesthetics, site, and structural requirements. A Reclaimed Heritage 1-1/2 story cape was selected.

Design of the new building

'New' building for Lily & Associates Ltd - is a Reclaimed Heritage 1-1/2 story cape 27 x 40.

3D images below.

New Design for Lily & Associates Ltd 3d Timber Frame Modle of the Frame







Timbers showing roman numerals and Rose head nail (lower right), help date a timber frame.

Bent Girts with roman numeral markings Roman numeral marking and rose head hand cut nail








Nails provide one of the best clues to help determine the age of historic buildings, especially those constructed during the nineteenth century, when nail-making technology advanced rapidly. Until the last decade of the 1700s and the early 1800s, hand-wrought nails typically fastened the sheathing and roof boards on building frames. These nails were made one by one by a blacksmith or nailor from square iron rod. After heating the rod in a forge, the nailor would hammer all four sides of the softened end to form a point. The pointed nail rod was reheated and cut off. Then the nail maker would insert the hot nail into a hole in a nail header or anvil and form a head with several glancing blows of the hammer. The most common shape was the rose shaped head. Square-head nails, employed from 1790 to 1830, were machine cut and finished off by a blacksmith who squared the heads.

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The Install....

Large Timbers ready to be installed & Bent one installed

Bent one installedLarge Timbers waiting to be installed






Back section & front section installed

Front section installedBack section installed









Ship knee brace with some original hardwear


Ship knee brace with original hardware













TimberhArt crew working to install the frame

The front view of the timber frameTimberhArt crew working to install the frame










Heritage Timber Frame install completeHeritage timber frame install completed








Lily & Associates has a roof...

trussesLily & Associates has a roof








inside the roofed frame Up close of the trusses and roof















And walls & windows...

Inside windows and rafters and wallsLily & Associates all boarded in with windows









The Finished Timber Frame

Lily and Associates heritage timber frame buildingLily and Associates Heritage timber frame building








Back view of Lily and Associates heritage timber frame building


Inside the shop

Heritage timber frame posts and braces Heritage timber frames posts








Ship knee brace with original hardware /Lily and Associates Timber frame posts















2013 AWARD WINNER - Farm Store & Gallery, Reclaimed Timber Frame

Nova Scotia Home & Building Designers Association, Other Design Category

2013 Design Award for TimberhArt

2013 Design Award TimberhArt_NSHBDA









Lily and Associates timber frame building



Congratulation to everyone involved in this project!

More photos here of Lily & Associates LTD.





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