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TimberhArt timber, unique in homes and businesses

Our Timbers

gracing distinctive homes and business in many environments, speak of craftsmanship and artisans. Designed to both excite and comfort.


The values and traditions of past and future timber framing

The Values of past traditions are intertwined with our vision of future craftsmanship

Heritage Buildings and materials rich in history are reclaimed and restored to create spectacular homes and buildings that inspire and conserve.
Heritage buildings

Unique material

Unique materials provide opportunities to blend form and function with artistic expression.
As craftsmen and artisans we appreciate the various traditional and non-traditional uses of these resources.


TimberhArt crew

Our timberwrights design and craft unique materials with time-honored craftsmanship and the latest building technologies. We work with you to bring forth original ideas and take them beyond the ordinary.

Reconstruction of St. George's Round Church


Historical restoration
First Place,
Timber Framers Guild of North America

(St. George's Round Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Heritage Kitchen Timbers Heritage Dining Area Heritage Dining area
Unique characteristics using timbers

Unique characteristics
of Oak, Elm, Western Red Cedar, Pine, Cedar, Spruce and reclaimed Hand Hewn Timbers offer distinct possibilities.

Working with wood

Working with wood species and sustainable forestry we provide beautiful, ingenious and insightful collaborations.

Create soaring spaces in your home

Oak timbers,
recarved and crafted, create soaring spaces.

Elm timber frame bridge

200-year-old recovered Elm designed and constructed to complement nature.
(Bridge in the Adirondacks, New York State)

Unique timbers

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