Lawrencetown Timber Frame

An old timber frame barn becomes a new house

Old timber frame barn being dismantled   New timber frame house


Assembling the reclaimed timber frame

After dismantling the timbers of this 200-year-old barn and restoring them, we worked with the owners to redesign the structure, and then reassembled it on a new foundation.


Taking apart the old timber frame

The original timbers were cut from first-growth trees that grew on the land - massive lengths of hemlock, pine and spruce. Markings on the wood showed how the joinery had been laid out.

Timber framing - traditional raising with oxen



Timber frame ready for a new life


Timber framing - no oxen for this part !

Timber framing - no raising would be complete without a celebration aterward


The raising of the frame took place on a July day with a crane and a pair of oxen. A band of fiddlers played, while the entire neighbourhood looked on.


Timber framing - and the band played on

Timber frame assembled, ready for completion Timber frame house

The finished Heritage timber frame

Timber Frame Dining Area Cathedral ceiling of the heritage timber frame

Heritage relcaimed mantle Heritage timber Frame bathroom Heritage timber frame hallway

Heritage Timber frame livingspace

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