Hybrid Timber Frames

Add Strength and Beauty to your Home....Hybird Spruce Timber Frame

Combining timber framing and other construction techniques provides an excellent balance to the cost and other mechanical system challenges associated with timber framing. Highlighting your interior with a timber frame provides warmth, craftmanship, beauty and drama where it is most suited and best appreciated.

Trimber Frame postTraditional joinery can be incorporated in a greatroom addition or added to any existing room in your present home. Timber entryways are popular as are timber frame porches. Staircases utilizing joinery add a dramatic look. If you have an existing vaulted room, a loft area can be easily added - increasing your living space while adding to the beauty of your home. Divisions between rooms can easily be created using timbers or you many wish to open up your floor plan with a supporting post with braces.

Partial Timber Frames Are Popular

TimberhArt can design a partial timber frame for an addition or even incorporate a partial frame into new construction. Here too, the flexibility of the timber frame method of construction really works well. An additionCedar timber frame porch could could consist of a timber roof system or, if the space provided, a loft could be created using timber. Conventional construction can be used to erect walls with floor joists of timber. Timber can be virtually added to any plan...as much or as little as desired.Elm Stairs

These are just a few ideas. Your opitions are virtually endless. Add on a sunroom...or perhaps an outstanding kitchen addition. Maybe you want to begin with a timber fireplace mantle. Whatever you have in mind, we'd love to take your ideas and show you what we could provide. We know you'll be excited by this unique highlighting application and equally as pleased with the reasonable costs of adding timber to your home.

Raise your expections on beautifying your home with TimberhArt's affordable timbers and custom joinery.

We can provide drawings or work with you, your architect or designer to create the Taiko Pine Beameffects you desire.

Virtually ANYTHING You Can Imagine!

Trusses made using traditional joinery, provide an exceptional feature to new additions, renovations or new construction where vauled or open ceilings are planned.Truss ready for install





A timber frame highlight can provide alternatives and often solves many remodelling issues.

Some examples of Hybrid Timber Frame Homes we have built:

On Sunset Boulevard

Pine & Cedar Timber Frame Home

Taiko Beam House

London Hip

Hybrid Heritage Timber Frame

Timber Frame dining room to stairsPine Hybird Timber frame KitchenDuring Construction Spruce Hybird Timber Frame


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