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Daniel and Kimberley Reagan

Dan in his younger years Timber Framing _Upper clemments Gazebo 1988_ village square bandstand
Dan Reagan in 1988

TimberhArt Woodworks Limited is owned and operated by L. Daniel & Kimberley Reagan in Hantsport Nova Scotia. TimberhArt has cultured a very unique blended style of building that brings the art into structures beyond the ordinary. Their passion and years of hands-on timber framing and traditional joinery ensure workmandship and a dedication to the historical craft of timber framing.

Dan has viewed designs from over 36 countries, many during two years after high school while crew on the Fri, a 105 foot gaff rigged ketch sailing Asia. Much of his work consitsed of repairing and maintaining the wooden sail boat, in Macau much of her hull was replanked. In 1978 Dan started restoring timber frames while working at Farm and Wilderness Camps, Vermont, USA. This love of timber led to an Honours Degree in Construction Technology. Kimberley learned woodworking at a young age from her grandfather who was a naval engineer in Nova Scotia, whick sparked her lifelong interest in woodcraft and design.

In 1985 Dan & Kimberley moved to Japan for their final year of Friends World Collage (Long Island University). Dan apprenticed with Japanese carpenters and architects and completed his thesis comparing Japanese and North American styles of timber framing. Kimberley's thesis compared eastern and western medical modalities, studying with an 18th generation Kampoyaku (Chinese Herbalist). In 1986 Dan and Kimberley moved to Nova Scotia and were part of the revival of modern day timber framing in North America. They have received many awards of design excellence including recognition from the Timber Framers Guild for 'Contribution to ongoing improvement in the art of timber frame design throughout North American and beyond'.

Daniel Reagan - one of the creative forces behind our company
Dan Reagan

Dan is a collector of 'special' pieces of wood that are often incorporated intoTree incorporated into home our clients' timber frame projects at their request. These include carvings, arches and even ship knees. Over the years we have develpoed a unique relationship with loggers who will locate additional special pieces.

Kimberley is currently on the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Home and Building Designers Association.

TimberhArt Kimberley ReaganKimberley and Dan Reagan

Kimberley Reagan, (left) and with Dan (right), shown with the 2012 Peoples Choice Award.

Visit our awards page for information on all the design awards (from 1997 to 2013) we have won over the years.


"I must comment on the commitment and passion shown by Daniel Reagan . . . It was very apparent throughout our relationship with Acorn Timber Frames [now TimberhArt Woodworks] that Mr. Reagan has a strong commitment to the art of post and beam construction, and is extremely knowledgeable and caring about the product he delivers."

Derrick MacKenzie,
Director of Parks and Recreation, Town of Mahone Bay

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